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The light on their faces: Mal is cragged, often shadowed, but strong, sad-eyed and kind. Kaylee is round, warm, and open. Sexuality and honesty. River is planed, underlit, eyes hooded. She’s a question. Simon works in angles as well, coolly handsome and hard to connect with - but ultimately he’s a romantic. Jayne doesn’t give a good goddamn how he’s lit. Zoe glows. She cannot help it. Wash is light, playful - often amongst his screens or slightly blown out by the sun of high atmosphere… Inara’s light is complex, like Mal’s. Hiding and beckoning.

-Joss Whedon (Serenity: The Official Visual Companion)

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A Compilation of the Best Game of Thrones Fan Art
Article by Melanie Lim


Favourite Regina Mills Stills 
god have mercy on my soul 

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Fangirl Challenge: [2/10] tv shows - Teen Wolf 

"Come on, if I have to, I’ll chain you up myself on full moon nights and feed you live mice." 

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FAVORITE PAIRINGS 1/10 ► Margaery Tyrell and Sansa Stark

Some women like tall men. Some like short men. Some like hairy men, some like bold men. Gentle men, rough men, ugly men, pretty men. Pretty girls.

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fangirl challenge
1/10 female characters » sansa stark

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fangirl challenge2/10 female characters » katniss everdeen

fangirl challenge
2/10 female characters » katniss everdeen

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I’m the Slayer. You’re playing on my turf.

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